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It has become so ‘normal’ to feel exhausted, stressed, anxious or low that we typically ignore our stress, our symptoms and our bodies unless we reach break-point. Our bodies were just not designed for the fast pace of modern life! There are many things we can do to turn this around and optimise the way our minds and bodies work so we can feel and function at our best. The tools I use are simple and effective and fast.

The success of your company is only as good as your employees’ health allows it to be. We are all so much more influential in our health, our happiness and our lives than we typically realise. My science-based approach empowers you to use this influence in a positive way.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss dates and fees so I can provide your company with a range of Corporate Health and Wellbeing Solutions, including:

Wellbeing at Work

This 90 minute interactive workshop is for you and your workforce to positively influence your health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing at Work

Stress Management Workshop : 21st Century Stress Busting

90 minutes approximately, delivered online or face to face. Suitable for the whole workforce.

This interactive workshop is designed to help people maintain a good level of mental and physical health despite the situations we find ourselves in and to empower participants to reduce the negative effects of stress, and improve calmness, sleep and positive mindset. 

It is created to be a ‘stand alone’ course but can be a good starting point for some people to recognise that other help could be beneficial. (I may be able to provide this, too).

We will cover:

stress management courses Surrey Sussex London

I provide a range of other workshops too; all to fundamentally empower attendees to be well informed on how we can all reduce stress / increase our physical mental and emotional wellness, and I provide tools and techniques that can implement this straight away. 

Have a look at my Workshops page for the full list, or maybe you’d like to tell me your exact requirements so I can create a bespoke plan for you? Please call me today to discuss which will be the most transformational workshop for you and your colleagues!

Online stress management workshops

Help to overcome chronic health conditions, to be fit for work!

For employees who are experiencing chronic, debilitating or complex issues, recurring symptoms or conditions characterised by fatigue or pain the Lightning Process could be the ideal way to deal with this. 

This is a training programme that many people have used to overcome a wide range of conditions including chronic fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, IBS, Long Covid / Post Viral fatigue, anxiety, chronic stress, depression and many more conditions including neurological and autoimmune issues. Many people report a dramatic improvement in their symptoms within the first few days, which can sometimes facilitate a faster than previously predicted return to work.

Lightning Process for pain fatigue anxiety health

As the Lightning Process is a training programme rather than a treatment or therapy, clients create the improvements in their health themselves, which is not only very empowering for them, but removes a lot of fear of relapse often associated with these health conditions and other approaches. This means that the improved feelings and functioning can be sustained and a return to a normal way of life is often achievable.

Go to my Lightning Process page for full details.

One to One Consultations

As a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist I may be able to assist your Employees to overcome issues getting in the way of them feeling and being their best. 

Could be a challenging situation, tricky relationship, the need to overcome fears or past experience, help to sleep better, change habits, become more healthy, lose weight, stop smoking, build confidence.

I help people deal with a wide range of things, addressing the route cause. It could be a problem at work, a problem at home or something in the past which when resolved can allow them to optimise happiness, health and performance.

Have a look at my Consultations page for more info.

Life Coaching NLP Hypnotherapy Horley Surrey Sussex London

Please speak to me directly to discuss my Corporate fees, which are dependent on a variety of factors.

Stress Management Workshop client: 
… Jo taught me different techniques on how to deal with stress and how I could use these in the workplace and at home. It is very apparent after working with Jo that she is very passionate about helping others through her work ” 
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