Here are some testimonials from some of the people I’ve worked with:

“I visited Jo, I’d had some issues with getting a good night’s sleep I could not switch off at the end of the day, Jo spent time talking with me and working through various techniques to help me and they truly do work, I have been able to switch off and get myself balanced enjoying a good night’s rest, I would highly recommend Jo for whatever issues you might have and I am sure she will be able to help you. Thanks Jo.”
Mr H, Sutton

“I saw Jo for a refresher course on the Lightning Process after a gap of 10 years. I was low on energy and struggling with the pressures of life so I decided to get a refresher. I found very beneficial and it completely recharged me with new fresh insights and noticing when I was doing certain things well. It was like uncovering another layer of energy that I was not using or aware of. I’m back to vibrant health and in super quick time. Jo is a top-class practitioner and really cares about your well-being and the aftercare check ins are great too. She is very knowledgeable and clever in how she weaves you towards your healing journey. There is none other like her. Best in the business in my eyes.” – Mr C, London

“I attended a Stress Management Workshop run by Jo Sawkins. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but I was not disappointed.  Jo’s delivery of the workshop was great. She made me feel relaxed from the start and kept me engaged the whole way through. Jo taught me different techniques on how to deal with stress and how I could use these in the workplace and at home. It is very apparent after working with Jo that she is very passionate about helping others through her work, and I would highly recommend her. Thanks Jo 😀” – Miss K, Crawley

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“I used Jo’s services to help me with some issues I had. The exercises that Jo taught me gave me the confidence I needed to confront and overcome these issues. 

I found Jo to be very professional and a great motivator. I would highly recommend her.” – Mr K

“I recently attended the Stress Busting amid the Corona Crisis Workshop. Jo had lots of tips and techniques to help when feeling stressed. She even sent a handy hand out to refer back to which is really helpful. I would highly recommend Jo; she is knowledgeable and brings a calmness to what can be a really stressful situation.”
Mrs P, Surrey

“I took part in the zoom ‘Stress Busting during the Corona virus’ seminar at the height of the pandemic. I found the seminar informative and fun, and learned some interesting information and tools. It left me feeling relaxed and empowered with useful skills. The download handout was excellent. I highly recommend the seminar as a great and enjoyable learning experience. It provided very valuable information for current times and life in general. Many thanks Jo for providing this opportunity.” – Ms T, Cheshire

“Jo taught me some excellent coping strategies in dealing with anxiety and stress which was having a negative impact on my health. Not only was Jo supportive and professional, but I found her to be warm and compassionate and very easy to talk to. Jo is very passionate about what she does and really wants to help people. As a result of my sessions with her, negative and challenging situations no longer consume me and now I have a much more positive outlook. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo.” – Mrs B, Redhill

“Public speaking has never been something that I enjoy doing so I decided to have a session with Jo prior to giving an important presentation to a large number of people. 

Through the process which she practises, Jo gave me so much confidence and helped me develop a new perspective on an area that I struggle with. Her calm, positive and reassuring manner enabled me to believe in myself and the presentation went far better than I could ever have imagined. Thank you Jo xx” – Mrs J, Sussex

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“I went to see Jo about a long standing issue I have had with a family member which was affecting me in a negative way. Jo was very welcoming, kind and sensitive from the off which helped me feel comfortable. 

I found Jo’s approach very empowering and she helped me look at the issue from a different perspective which helped me change my feelings towards it to a more positive light. I now have a much improved relationship with this family member. 

Jo is very intelligent, supportive, and compassionate practitioner, I would highly recommend Jo if you’re wanting to create positive change in your life” – Mr C

“I met Jo by chance, and asked her to take me through LP Refresher sessions. I have to say that Jo is the most committed, approachable, kind and practical practitioner I have met. Her absolute thoroughness, the understanding with which she interacted with me, and her skilful application of the techniques at her disposal, have made a huge difference to me. I felt totally supported and reassured throughout as Jo’s own health and life experience coupled with her LP and NLP training have equipped her with a high level of compassion for her clients. As well as addressing the effects of my health issues, she also enabled me to change my handling of a long-standing troublesome family relationship – a great bonus! The simple practicality of it all, plus Jo’s down-to-earth attitude and integrity, made the whole thing a lovely warm, reassuring experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her so you can benefit from the changes she helps you make.”
Ms A, London

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I attended a Stress Management workshop run by Jo Sawkins, which I found to be really informative. I learned a technique to reduce stress that can be used in key situations. 

I would recommend Jo’s workshops as someone who has a long history of anxiety.” – Mrs B, Reigate

“I attended Jo’s Happy Calm & healthy workshop in early 2020, having had a bit of a rough ride of late. I wasn’t looking for any miracle cure, just some tips and pointers in how to deal with stressful situations more effectively. Jo offered some practical advice, tips and ways to deal with situations that put different perspectives on situations, and sometimes all you need is someone to turn the light on and that’s what Jo did. Highly recommend this course.” –  Mr K, Horley

“Jo’s passion and desire to help was evident from the start of her session and throughout. Her warm calm delivery help to put you at ease and made it easy to talk. I found lots of useful guidance within the session. I highly recommend Jo.” – Mrs M, Surrey

“Yesterday my children were so proud of me, they spotted a large spindly spider on the ceiling in the kitchen. Calmly I found a jug and trapped it, slid some card across the top and so was able to catch and release it. 

This is something I wasn’t able to do before my session with Jo. Being scared of spiders may seem like a small thing to others but being terrified of something is never easy and as well as not wanting to pass it on to my children I wanted to be able to help them when they were scared. This was the second spider I have set free this week too! 

The session I had with Jo was relaxed and fun, and I have been able to apply my new feelings and ‘skills’ about dealing with spiders to other areas of my life such as visiting the dentist. Thanks Jo!”  – Mrs G, Horley

“I had several sessions of NLP with Ms Sawkins and found it most helpful especially the creation of a safe place in one’s Head. I go there when stressed.

She has a lovely manner and is totally discreet. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”Ms S

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“Last year, weeks before going to Hobart, Tasmania on a family holiday, I decided to approach Jo Sawkins, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, who I felt would help overcome a personal fear of mine. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a phobia of spiders. UK house spiders, l always tolerated. However, the Idea of a Huntsman spider(s), possibly the size of a hand, didn’t bode well. In one session, Jo was effective in giving me the psychological confidence to overcome these anxieties. There were a few techniques we worked through together during our session that really helped to focus, confront and combat any eventual arachnid situation.

One week into my stay in Australia, I did confront a Huntsman spider. It was sitting underneath some empty bottles at the bottom of the box. I was asked to carry this box down to the roadside for recycling. I put on some gloves and simply got on with it!

If it wasn’t for Jo’s friendly bedside manner and confident working methods, I am not sure I would have coped or enjoyed my time on holiday. Many thanks. ”  – Mr H