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You can either come to see me face to face at my consulting room in Horley, or work with me via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Please let me know which you’d prefer.

I can help you!

Are you struggling with a chronic health condition, such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, IBS, tinnitus, migraines, depression, anxiety, or a neurological or autoimmune condition and wish you could find light at the end of the tunnel?

You’re in the right place!

Get in touch now and we can discuss which will be the most suitable approach to help you move forwards.

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ChRonic Fatigue

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Chronic Pain

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You’re in the right place!

I founded Wings Wellbeing to assist people to overcome the challenges that life sometimes brings: health issues, trauma, past experience or current situation, using some of the latest science-based techniques that utilise the power of the mind – body connection to make changes quickly and naturally.

You may be wondering how my methods can facilitate an improvement in your health? (As I’m not medically trained it’s quite a reasonable thing to wonder; many people are sceptical at first).

These science-based techniques can stimulate your body’s own natural healing system!

The Lightning Process - for fatigue, pain & long term conditions

Lightning Process for pain fatigue anxiety health

What is the Lightning Process?

The Phil Parker Lightning Process® is a training programme that teaches empowering tools applying the science of the mind – body connection to increase Health Happiness and Wellbeing. Many thousands of people have used the Lightning Process to overcome some debilitating health conditions that are considered difficult to treat.

Go to my Lightning Process page for more information and an application form and give me a call now on 07961 014129 for the most up to date course dates.

Wellbeing Workshops

I provide a range of interactive workshops designed to positively influence your health and wellbeing. Empowering you with knowledge and tools; and to help you achieve what is important for you. I run Wellbeing at Work, Sleep Better, Banish Anxiety and Public Speaking with Confidence workshops amongst others. 

You can book these for yourself individually, or I can run them for your Workplace or organisation.

Wellbeing at Work

Stress Management Workshops

stress management courses Surrey Sussex London

I provide Stress Management workshops for individuals, groups and businesses; these can be attended in person or run as Online Workshops. These workshops empower you to become knowledgeable about stress, and give you simple effective ways that assist you to reduce stress or avoid its negative effects, with tools for confidence and calmness.

Read more about my workshops including Online Stress Management Workshops


I use a combination of Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy in my one to one consultations to help you overcome a wide range of issues so that you can reach your potential in happiness, health and life! 

My appointments are available in person or on Online, (usually Zoom). Read more about my Consultations.

Life Coaching NLP Hypnotherapy Horley Surrey Sussex London

Corporate Wellbeing

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All of my services are available for both individuals and employers.

I provide Workplace Wellbeing Solutions including Stress Management Workshops, Wellbeing at Work Workshops, Sleep Workshops, Banish Anxiety Workshops and one to one consultations. Also The Lightning Process Health Programme to help people bounce back from long term health issues.

Go to my Corporate Wellbeing page for more info.

Stress Busting Workshop client: 

…Jo taught me different techniques on how to deal with stress and how I could use these in the workplace and at home … she is very passionate about helping others through her work, and I would highly recommend her
read more.

Wings Wellbeing is conveniently located in a pleasant residential area in Horley, Surrey.

Halfway between Crawley and Redhill / Reigate and only 3 miles from Gatwick with good road and rail links from all areas.

There is ample parking on the driveway and my comfortable consulting room awaits you.

I welcome enquiries; please get in touch today to see how I can help you move forward. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jo Sawkins

Disclaimer: I am not medically trained, and I recommend you consult your GP if you have health concerns or need medical advice. My results are not guaranteed, however most of my clients have reported positive results from working with me.