I run a range of Stress Management / Health and Wellbeing workshops, face to face or online workshops, providing for individuals as well as businesses.

The fast pace of 21st Century life can play havoc with our health, so we need to find ways to help our bodies run in the way they were designed to. It has become so ‘normal’ to feel exhausted, stressed, anxious or low that we sometimes don’t even recognise these feelings or maybe ignore our stress, our symptoms and our bodies unless we reach break-point, or because we don’t know what to do to change it.

There are many things we can do to overcome this and my workshops are designed to optimise the way our minds and bodies work so we can feel and function at our best.

All of my workshops can be arranged for your organisation or as a one to one personal session; either face to face or online. Call me today on 07961 014129 for prices and to book.

Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing at Work

This 90 minute interactive workshop is for you and your workforce to positively influence your health and wellbeing.

insomnia sleep better workshop

Sleep Better

Can’t sleep? Do you struggle to get to sleep? Do you struggle to stay asleep? Are you suffering with insomnia?

If you have problems with sleeping this 90 minute interactive workshop could be just what you need to help you get better sleep.

We’ll have a look at:

Banish Anxiety Logo

Banish Anxiety

This is a 2 hour session, and we will cover:

overcome fear of public speaking

Public Speaking with Confidence

Would you love to feel more calm, confident and comfortable about speaking in public? This session could help you achieve it! Whether you have a presentation or speech to give, need to speak in a meeting or at a job interview; either at work or in your personal life. 
We will look at some reasons you don’t already feel great about this and find some practical, neuroscience based solutions with tips and tricks to help you feel relaxed. I’ll finish with a process from NLP to help you feel better about public speaking, and maybe start to enjoy it!
21st Century Stress Busting workshop

Stress Management Workshop : 21st Century Stress Busting

This 90 minute interactive workshop is designed to help proactive people maintain a good level of mental and physical health despite the situations we find ourselves in.

Designed to be informative, and also you will learn techniques that will empower you to avoid some of the negative effects of stress and improve calmness, sleep and positive mindset.

We will cover:

happy calm healthy workshop for good health

Happy Calm + Healthy

Would you love to get yourself more healthy, but not sure how to get started? Maybe you want to be more happy, more calm? Are you stuck in a rut and want to kick-start some new habits?

This interactive, half-day workshop could be just what you need to revive your motivation!

You will: 

As a Life Coach, I bring a solution focused way of looking at areas of your life where you may feel the desire to create positive changes with the tools I give you, so you can be more Happy Calm + Healthy.

Please call me to book !

The Lightning Process: for fatigue, pain & long term conditions

This is a training programme taught over 3 half days; it teaches empowering tools that apply the science of the mind – body connection to increase happiness, health and wellbeing.

People have used it to overcome a wide range of chronic debilitating conditions including ME, CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, IBS, migraines and many other things including neurological, autoimmune and behavioural conditions. Click here for more information or call me on 07961 014129.

Lightning Process for pain fatigue anxiety health
stress management for new parents workshop

Stress Busting For New Parents

Having a baby can bring a lot of challenges; this workshop will help you deal with the stress! 

We’ll cover: 

This is a 2 hour interactive workshop for you to attend online; designed to be informative, fun and empowering. Ideally suited to you if you have a 0-6 month old, but all parents and parents to be are welcome.

stress management for carers workshop

Stress Busting For Carers

Being a Carer, either personally or professionally, can bring a lot of challenges; this workshop will help you manage the stress. We’ll cover: 

This is a 2 hour interactive workshop for you to attend in person or online; designed to be informative and empowering. It is suitable for professional carers and people who are carers for a family member who is ill, disabled or elderly.

stress management for people with a health condition

Stress Busting To Help With A Chronic Health Condition

Living with a chronic health condition can bring a lot of challenges; this workshop will help you manage the stress and understand how this affects symptoms. We’ll cover: looking at what stress is and its effects, finding some practical solutions to our challenges, a tool for calmness and relaxation, tips and tricks to feel calm and positive, some neuroscience, things we can do to reduce stress when we can’t change our situation, dealing with a tricky situation confidently.

This is a 2 hour interactive workshop for you to attend in person or online; designed to be informative and empowering.

Stress Busting Workshop client: 
… It left me feeling relaxed and empowered with useful skills. The download handout was excellent. I highly recommend the seminar as a great and enjoyable learning experience. It provided very valuable information for current times and life in general ” 
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