Feeling stressed out? Struggling to cope?  Looking for stress solutions?

I can help you!

Up to 90% of all Doctor’s appointments are said to be stress related; our bodies were simply not designed for the fast pace of modern life. I offer various different ways to overcome stress, to help you feel and function at your best. The most appropriate solution for you will depend on your particular circumstances.

If you want help to deal with stress caused by a specific situation, my consultations are an ideal way forward. I look to address the route cause using NLP, Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching or maybe a mix of all three.

For many people suffering with stress, my Stress Management Workshops are a good way to empower yourself to recognise and manage stress in a new way. These 90 minute workshops are informative and interactive, and you’ll also experience using science based techniques to reduce stress in tricky situations. I run these workshops for groups in person or online, and you can also book yourself a personal one to one workshop with me, either online or  face to face. See my Workshops page for more information and to see which of my range of workshops is best for you.

If you are experiencing long term stress, find it debilitating or affecting many areas of your life, or you also have another health condition, you may find the fastest, most suitable way to deal with this is the Lightning Process. This 3 day training programme that I provide has helped many people overcome a wide range of health issues quickly and naturally. See my Lightning Process page for details and to find out how to book your place on this life changing course.