Health Conditions

Are you looking for help with a health problem? Maybe you’ve tried other approaches but you still seem to be stuck. You may have been diagnosed with a health condition and been told there is no way out. Or maybe you want to sort your symptoms out without having to take medicine?

I use a variety of approaches to address these issues, that allow us to deal with the route cause. Please get in touch with me to discuss the most appropriate way to overcome your health situation. In general, the Lightning Process is often the best way to deal with chronic, debilitating or complex conditions. See my Lightning Process page for more details.

Some symptoms and conditions respond very well to Hypnotherapy and NLP, and this may surprise you, Life Coaching. This is because symptoms often pop up when our life gets out of balance. See my Consultations page to find out more.

My techniques all utilise the power of the mind – body connection, and are all based on the latest science to facilitate positive changes quickly and naturally.