Are you stressed?

Heading for burnout? Trouble sleeping? Feeling stuck?
Or overwhelmed by the challenges of life?

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The Stress Management Formula could be just what you need to help you move forward. It is a stress management programme designed to help you:

Resolve your situation, 

Lift your mood and energy, 

Promote good sleep, 

Restore your calmness.


You will cover:

What is stress?

How stress affects the body and your health

Recognise your stressors (including the hidden ones), and what to do about them

Easy techniques to feel relaxed and confident quickly

Practical, effective ways to reduce and manage stress

And, if applicable to you, also:

Moving on from a past experience

Time management

Dealing with a tricky person

Implementing lifestyle changes for a happy, healthy, successful future.

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As a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Health and Wellbeing Coach, and Stress Management Trainer, the content and techniques that I use are from these fields, and are science based.

Given that a huge proportion of Doctor’s appointments are considered to be stress related, and many people are finding it difficult to even get an appointment, it is becoming more and more important to look after your wellbeing. Chronic stress can contribute to many unpleasant health conditions, that may be avoidable; if only we were taught how to do this at school!

The Stress Management Formula will give you a good understanding of stress and empowers you to change this around, to increase your calmness, resilience and wellbeing.

Cost:          £180 for one to one

Duration:  4 ½ hours in total (approximately), typically split into 3 sessions, held weekly, for one to ones. Group Workshops / Corporate Training Workshops are run as a single half day.

Location:   one to ones are held in Horley

When:       Call Jo today on 07961 014129 to book your first session or to ask any questions.

The Stress Management Formula can be done one to one, as a Workshop for your group, or as a Corporate Training Event at your workplace. Please enquire for group prices.

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