Here are some testimonials from some of the people I’ve worked with:


“Public speaking has never been something that I enjoy doing so I decided to have a session with Jo prior to giving an important presentation to a large number of people. Through the process which she practises, Jo gave me so much confidence and helped me develop a new perspective on an area that I struggle with. Her calm, positive and reassuring manner enabled me to believe in myself and the presentation went far better than I could ever have imagined.

Thank you Jo xx” – Mrs J

“Jo taught me some excellent coping strategies in dealing with anxiety and stress which was having a negative impact on my health.

Not only was Jo supportive and professional, but I found her to be warm and compassionate and very easy to talk to. Jo is very passionate about what she does and really wants to help people.

As a result of my sessions with her, negative and challenging situations no longer consume me and now I have a much more positive outlook. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo.”  - Mrs B




"I used Jo's services to help me with some issues I had. The exercises that Jo taught me gave me the confidence I needed to confront and overcome these issues. I found Jo to be very professional and a great motivator. I would highly recommend her." - Mr K

“I went to see Jo about a long standing issue I have had with a family member which was affecting me in a negative way. Jo was very welcoming, kind and sensitive from the off which helped me feel comfortable. I found Jo’s approach very empowering and she helped me look at the issue from a different perspective which helped me change my feelings towards it to a more positive light. I now have a much improved relationship with this family member. Jo is very intelligent, supportive, and compassionate practitioner, I would highly recommend Jo if you’re wanting to create positive change in your life” -Mr C



“I had several sessions of NLP with Ms Sawkins and found it most helpful especially the creation of a safe place in one’s Head. I go there when stressed. She has a lovely manner and is totally discreet. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” -Ms S

“Last year, weeks before going to Hobart, Tasmania on a family holiday, I decided to approach Jo Sawkins, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, who I felt would help overcome a personal fear of mine. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a phobia of spiders. UK house spiders, l always tolerated. However, the Idea of a Huntsman spider(s), possibly the size of a hand, didn’t bode well. In one session, Jo was effective in giving me the psychological confidence to overcome these anxieties. There were a few techniques we worked through together during our session that really helped to focus, confront and combat any eventual arachnid situation.

One week into my stay in Australia, I did confront a Huntsman spider. It was sitting underneath some empty bottles at the bottom of the box. I was asked to carry this box down to the roadside for recycling. I put on some gloves and simply got on with it!

If it wasn’t for Jo’s friendly bedside manner and confident working methods, I am not sure I would have coped or enjoyed my time on holiday. Many thanks. ” -Mr H

“Yesterday my children were so proud of me, they spotted a large spindly spider on the ceiling in the kitchen. Calmly I found a jug and trapped it, slid some card across the top and so was able to catch and release it. This is something I wasn't able to do before my session with Jo. Being scared of spiders may seem like a small thing to others but being terrified of something is never easy and as well as not wanting to pass it on to my children I wanted to be able to help them when they were scared. This was the second spider I have set free this week too! The session I had with Jo was relaxed and fun, and I have been able to apply my new feelings and 'skills' about dealing with spiders to other areas of my life such as visiting the dentist. Thanks Jo!”  -Mrs G